LED flexible neon lights been widely used in the decorative lighting market. What distinguishes it from traditional neon lights is that they can be bent at will. They are shatterproof and waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. The neon lights have the characteristics of uniform and continuous light, it is commonly used in decorative lighting places such as facades, signboards, subtitle advertisements, hotels and bars, and building outlines in the commercial field.


Available for customization as remote control, Smart APP & Voice Controls: You can control the led strip lighting anywhere anytime anything, like color, brightness, and time setting.

More DIY Entertainment: 10ft RGB neon lights to support you provide endless possibilities for creating a gorgeous room, a gaming room. Gaming lights are IP65 waterproof.

Easy Installation: Just stick the hue lights on a clean, dry surface and start enjoying the strip lighting, Create a romantic color.

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